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Take it from scratch. Our professional team will take your song to the next level. From the beginning of songwriting, arrangement up to the mixing and mastering stage.


Take your song to the next level and let it be mixed or mastered by a professional ear with over a decade of experience.  


You can rent our facility for any music rehearsal. Take advantage of our pre equipped room with drums and a digital mixer with personal monitoring, a nice ambience and guaranteed privacy. 

Our Work

What we do


The Studio

Located in Berlin-Schöneweide, this recording studio is situated in a sunny backyard, close to many restaurants. It's equipped with high-quality gear for recording, production and rehearsal. The studio focuses on providing a space for artists to practice and produce their music.


The studio is known for hosting clients like Elif, Alligatoah, Juju, Dardan, and Hava, emphasizing its role as a rehearsal space in the music community. It offers shared use of equipment like drums and guitars, supporting a practical and flexible environment for exploring music.


In short, this Berlin-Schöneweide studio is a practical choice for musicians looking for a production space with professional equipment. Its notable client list underscores its suitability for serious studio environment.


Meet the Team

Sebastian Braunreuther and Hannes Kelch are the producer team working out of Mixberlin Recordingstudios. They have teamed up on several top 10 charting rock albums also as parts of other producer teams.

While Sebastian is the engineering producer, mixing and mastering specialist Hannes is the creative producer, guitarist and songwriter. Whatever part we should play in your production, full production from songwriting to DDP or just recordings of certain instruments, we are sure you will love working here.


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