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This is the Kemper Profile Pack you have been waiting for. It is made for pop clean sounds that you hear all over the radio. We just felt there were no profiles in this style. 


These are 6 profiles of 3 of the most sought after Clean amps. 


A vintage AC-30 from 72, a Fender Hot Rod and last but far from least the Marshall Bluesbreaker. 

We have mic’d them in a modern way using a blend of a U87 on the edge of the cone for the top end, an SM57 half way out for grit and a 421 also half way out for the tone!

We used the Marshall 1960 handwired cabinet loaded with G12H. This is a fantastic cab which has a very open top end and nice tight basses.


The settings on the amp were slightly different for each profile. Depending on the output of your guitar you can raise or lower the gain slightly. This works very well with these profiles.

There is also a shimmer sound in the pack to show you how these profiles sound with big delays.


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